Amazon purchase history CSV export instructions
Get Started: How To Export
Amazon Order History Report

Look Back at Your Amazon Shopping

Amazon lets you export your shopping history as a .csv. Nozama helps you parse it.

Nozama is a comprehensive look back at your Amazon shopping: sort / group / graph / filter your Amazon purchases, see where all your money is going.

It might surprise you.


  • Parse and graph / sort / filter your Amazon order history CSV
  • Analyze your Amazon shopping. Wait... I spent how much?
  • Grouping: Amazon purchases by category and item
  • Sorting: Amazon shopping by spending, frequency, or date
  • Filter: Amazon orders by date
  • Graph: spending by year / day / cumulative over time
  • Privacy focused / client-side only... no data is sent back to the server
  • Open source: Errors / ideas? PRs welcome
  • Demo ⭅ Take Nozama for a test drive

Get Started: 2 Easy Steps

  1. Export your Amazon Order History CSV
  2. Import your Amazon Order History CSV

Example: Spending By Year

Graph: Amazon spending by year


Nozama - ... a look back at your Amazon purchases | Product Hunt

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